Jamie Sickles

Sometimes a career path has a destiny of its own. When Jamie completed her formal education, earning a B.S. in Psychology and an M.S. in Biomedical Science  – Forensic Pathology, she didn’t see herself following the path of private investigator.

The work sought her out. Jamie’s soft-spoken and discreet nature are the very qualities that stood out to the party who first engaged her to train and work in an undercover investigation. While Jamie pursued her degrees, investigation work followed her that ranged from undercover investigations to simple background checks and complex locates.

As she continued her education, pursued her career, and volunteered in a variety of settings that fueled her passion, it became obvious to Jamie, that through investigations, Jamie had found a way to channel her passion for helping people and animals.

Jamie is committed and dedicated to serving as a professional licensed private investigator. Salient areas include animal cruelty investigations, human trafficking, and victims of domestic violence. She is also a CHTI – Certified Human Trafficking Investigator.

Jamie is inquisitive, detailed, and adventurous. She is  is honored to serve as Goodwill Ambassador for an NGO in Tanzania Africa that promotes animal welfare and provides education to the communities.